When you think about your relationship with your partner or relationships in general, what word would you use to describe it?

Only one word.

Perhaps you would use: gift, test, dance or battle???

What if you used the word gift. How would you see your relationships if they were a gift?

Something to be treasured, excited by and enjoy.

How would you see your relationships if they were a test?

Something you pass or fail, become anxious over, have to try hard all the time, don’t understand them, feel tricked or misled.

What about if you see your relationships as a dance?

Something to be enjoyed with others but also when you are by yourself; beautiful, fulfilling, uplifting. Moving in concert with one another towards the same goals.

What about a battle?

Someone wins and someone loses, preparing for war, things are a struggle, lots of fighting.

Words are powerful! Stop and think about how you use them to describe the most important things in your life. If your relationships are not what you hoped for stop and think about this!

Then just notice the changes that occur when you change your one word!

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