What is your intention, your goal, what do you want to achieve?

Many people only have a vague idea of this. They say they want to be happy,  feel more peaceful, or they want a new job, make a million dollars or find the love of their life!

People tend to focus on their “lack of “when they think about their goal or intention.

For example, someone who is looking for love may be too focused on the fact that they are currently single. Maybe they just got out of a difficult relationship and cannot move beyond it.

Someone looking for a new job may be so focused on how much they dislike their current job; they aren’t able to focus on new opportunities in their life.

What we focus on we tend to find.

The part of our brains called Reticular Activating System (RAS), automates this process for us. It looks for what it thinks we want. It pays attention to and points out that which we have been focused on!

For example, you may have noticed after buying a new car that you saw that same car on the freeway all over. Everyone did not go out and buy the same new car on the same day. You’re just noticing it now because you’re focused on it and your RAS is doing its job!

This does not mean ignore your current reality. If you are angry or sad. Go ahead and express that emotion. Do what is necessary to work through that emotion but do not dwell there.

When you are ready, get clear on your goal or intention. Focus on it from a place of gratitude or appreciation for the state you are currently in.

We all know life is challenging but we can always find something positive to focus on!

Even if you don’t like your current job, at least you have one.

If you just got out of a bad relationship, think about the lessons you learned from it.

Then when you think about and really focus on your goal , your intention, what else will you notice?

How will you know you have achieved it? What will you be doing and experiencing differently?

Finally, begin to feel the emotions of your intention realized!

How wonderful will you be feeling once you have achieved it?

Get in touch with that feeling state, what physical changes do you notice in your body, the expression on your face, your posture and stance!

We do this all the time when we think about what we don’t want.

It takes just as much energy to shift the focus!

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