What Others Are Saying….

I am sleeping much differently than two weeks ago. I have not taken any sleeping pills and I have listened to my audio recording every night at bedtime. You had asked me if you had a magic wand what would I want you to do for me. I said I wanted to fall asleep in five minutes, sleep well for seven hours and wake up rested. For the most part, that is happening just as I requested. I am so grateful.”


“It has now been 24 days since my session with you and I’d like to give you some feedback on how things have changed for me in that short time. I have never done anything like Hypnosis before, although I had tried other ways to get rid of the beliefs that were holding me back from moving forward. The session itself was very interesting indeed. I was a bit amazed of the awareness I had gotten about why I felt the way I did about a situation in my life. I got such great clarity as I didn’t understand myself feeling that way. At the time of the session, I couldn’t quite connect with what was coming up to my current problem but now I can see clearly that my ‘I AM NOT WORTHY ENOUGH’ belief originated when I was a child and I had held it all these years and it was unconsciously coming into play every time I tried to move forward. I loved the session and felt completely at ease with you and completely in control of myself. I have been listening to my audio every day and I will be honest at the start I think I began to force myself to change and then as the days and weeks have gone on, I have automatically begun to perform better in not just the one area of my life but all of them. Now I’m effortlessly moving forward, and the results are showing up. What I love most is that my ‘I AM WORTHY ENOUGH’ belief is getting stronger!”

Michelle I.

I always felt I could not reach my full potential and change my beliefs about money until I met Kathleen. I had an amazing session with her, and I’ll always be grateful. I used to have a lot of beliefs around money that held me back all my life. After my session with Kathleen, I started to feel worthy and capable of deserving and having a successful and happy life. She helped me so much by changing those limiting beliefs that would stop me from even charging someone for my services or think of money as my enemy. Kathleen was able to identify my blocks and completely shift my perception. This was so liberating and healing. Kathleen changed my beliefs, my actions, and behaviors towards money. I now feel free and ready to make money without any guilt. I see money as a beautiful energy that surrounds me. Thank you, Kathleen, with all my heart. You changed my life!” 

L. B.

“I contacted Kathleen because I had a Money Block since childhood. During our session, Kathleen expertly put me into hypnosis, and I saw scenes, recalled memories, that I had forgotten. She helped me understand why I had blocks and why I didn’t need to have those blocks anymore. It was so freeing! After our session I feel it has been easier to decide when I want to buy anything. I know and believe that money is available to me. Kathleen made a beautiful recording for me. I am now able to tap into my abundance! Kathleen is so professional, and I felt completely relaxed in the session. Honestly, I am confident and happy knowing this is available to me. Thank you, Kathleen. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Archana T.

Kathleen was really nice to accommodate me for a session. She has a lovely gentle and loving voice and feels comforting. She was patient and heard all I had to say. The session was a great release for me, and I felt really nice after the session. Kathleen is a lovely and gentle therapist who can help people transform. Thank you so much for helping me!” 

Arti N.

Working with Kathleen was a breeze! 

I was worried I would have trouble going into hypnosis, but Kathleen’s professional and understanding nature really made it easy for me to relax and trust the process. 

She was able to ease my fears and get to the root of my lack of confidence.

I felt heard and supported throughout our session. 

Thank you, Kathleen, for such an amazing and transformational session. 

Since working with you, I feel so much more settled and confident within myself. I find that I am able to speak up and make my voice heard and have less anxiety about doing so. I am still listening to your recording daily! I absolutely love it.”

Leigh Butler

Our session was wonderful, cannot thank you enough!

My experience with Kathleen was excellent. In just one session she was able to help me clarify and articulate the root cause of deeply embedded patterns of anxiety and procrastination. During our session, with her help, I was able to learn so much about my subconscious and negative patterns. I was ultimately able to release the things that were holding me back in life and replace them with positive thoughts. I am now on a journey of self-love, self-confidence, feeling free and strong. For the first time in my life discovering truly who I am! I cannot thank you enough. If you are serious about making a change for the better, I’d highly recommend working with Kathleen. Thank you so much!”


Bo C.


I had a session with the owner, Kathleen, several months ago. The results after just one visit were amazing. I definitely recommend trying hypnotherapy if
you’re trying to start a new habit or flush out negative thoughts.


Jay Patel

Kathleen with Hypnosis to change your life has been truthfully life altering! I am big believer in changing your mindset/thoughts is key to creating any lasting change. I was hesitant at first about hypnosis, but Kathleen explains exactly what she does and how it works (diving into the subconscious brain to create change) which makes so much sense! I saw Kathleen to help me change thought patterns that continuously came up for me and to help me let go of a relationship that was extremely hard to move past. She helped me release certain thoughts/ideas & reframe my mindset to better suit what I envisioned for my life! She also provides you with a voice recording tailored towards YOUR session so that you can listen to daily to help rewire your thoughts which is a game-changer! Kathleen is wonderful & makes you feel so comfortable throughout your session! Thank you Kathleen
for changing my life!


Jennifer Espinoza

Kathleen has been wonderful and has helped me navigate through the traumatic loss of a child. She is kind helpful and knowledgeable. I
would recommend her to all of my family and friends with confidence.


I went to see Kathleen for help with memorization. What I received in return was much more than that! We unpacked all the areas that were holding me back from learning the material. Our session concluded with a detailed road map to success and a personalized audio to assist me while working on my own. I can’t say enough about my experience. I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone who feels stuck in any area of their life. I would add, that Kathleen works with Veterans and understands those unique challenges and obstacles!

Julian Wyatt

Hypnosis to change your life isn’t just the name of the business, it’s legit. Working with Kathleen doing hypnotherapy has changed my life in very real and tangible ways. I saw her because I wanted help with feeling overwhelmed in life and she helped me to see things as easy, effortless and
happening for me automatically. Once I changed my thoughts around overwhelm my reality began to shift. At first it all seemed like a mess but what
was happening was that the things in my life that weren’t working for me came to my attention so that I could change them in order to not be
overwhelmed. It’s been a lot of work but I don’t regret it one bit because I feel like I’m on top of my game for the first time in probably ever. If you’ve
ever been curious about hypnotherapy, Kathleen’s got you and will literally help you to change your life. Go see her. You will absolutely not regret it.

Nicole Barrios

Kathleen is very knowledgeable, warm, and caring. I would highly recommend her to anyone curious about how hypnotherapy can help them or
anyone whom is seeking a hypnotherapist.

Brad Hendron

Kathleen is absolutely amazing! She creates a calm environment which allows you to be very comfortable with the therapy she provides. She will take the time to understand exactly what your goals are so that you may reach them. She also addresses any barriers which prevent you from attaining your targeted desires. Kathleen utilizes a holistic approach and truly wants to see you succeed and change your life. If you are having difficulty overcoming obstacles to reach your life goals, you must reach out to Kathleen!

Steven Lujan

I was diagnosed with an eye condition that would require surgery for the best outcome. I was feeling anxious about scheduling the surgery. I contacted  Kathleen. She called me for a free 30 minute consult. Hopeful about the approach she had to offer, I scheduled a two hour hypnotherapy session with Kathleen. During the first hour I learned more about hypnotherapy and she listened to some of my story and the problems I was having with my vision. The second hour was a hypnotherapy session. Not only did I feel calm and relaxed afterwards but I felt more confident about moving forward with the surgery. And Kathleen had prepared a handout for me that included a list of tools to use to feel more relaxed especially when my mind would begin ruminating over the surgery. Plus, later that same day, Kathleen sent me a customized audio recording. I was feeling more confident and scheduled the surgery. I listened to theaudio at least once a day in the  days leading up to the surgery. Kathleen got me to the finish line and I had a successful surgery!

Michael Sanders

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