Hypnosis Services in Tempe

Hypnosis Services in Tempe

Hypnosis is very effective for confidence, stress and anxiety, public speaking, success, sales, goal setting, improving your relationship with money, sleep problems, weight loss/healthy eating/lifestyle, unexplained fertility issues, mindset blocks/self-sabotage, love & relationships, smoking, addictions and so much more.

Transformational Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Services in Tempe

Individualized transformational sessions: Release and rewire subconscious beliefs and blocks, install adaptive beliefs for lasting change in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Together we will work on the root cause of your presenting issues, release mindset blocks, and create new beliefs & behaviors for effective, lasting changes. Modalities may include, but are not limited to, hypnosis/hypnotherapy, guided meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, energy work, EFT & yoga exercises for holistic and effective transformation. Each session includes a personalized MP3 audio.

Initial sessions are approximately 2 hours, follow up sessions vary between 1-2 hours depending upon individual needs.

Individual Sessions: $250

Package of three sessions: $700

Each session is highly individualized to facilitate a positive transformation in thoughts and behaviors. Deposit is due at time of scheduling. If cancellation or rescheduling is needed, please give 24 hours’ notice in order to avoid a no show or cancellation fee. No refunds of service will be given. Clients are much more engaged and achieve superior results when they are fully invested.

Services offered via HIPAA compliant zoom account and in person.

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Hypnosis, yoga and energy work are not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. They are complementary treatments which may be used in conjunction with but are not a substitution for medical treatment.