We tend to have very complicated relationships with our families. We love our family dearly, would do
almost anything for them, but they drive us “crazy!” We find ourselves resorting to childlike behaviors at
family gatherings: yelling, fighting, experiencing petty jealousy, making hurtful remarks. Nothing
demonstrates this as poignantly as holiday festivities!

Why is it that family always seems to be able to press your buttons?!

Our subconscious minds operate under the beliefs we picked up prior to the age of seven and unless you
have done some work to change those outdated, erroneous beliefs they are still running the show.

These beliefs could include: I’m not lovable unless I’m thin and pretty, I need to have a successful career
and children before the age of 30 or I’m a failure, If my parents don’t love me, nobody ever will.

So, when your parents say things like: when are you going to make me a grandparent you feel attacked,
triggered, unlovable, a failure. Right there in the middle of a holiday dinner in front of everyone.

So, HOW can you feel better, more confident, happier during these inevitable family gatherings?
Think about how you want to be feeling, imagine the event going smoothly, peacefully, perhaps even

Envision it, imagine it, pretend you can see it (it’s ok if you don’t visualize well, just imagine it).
Think about those situations that really trigger you, what is the underlying belief? Examine it, does it
really hold weight, is it true, would it stand up in a court of law?? Probably not, what is true about
yourself? Begin to notice what your body feels like when you think about these old beliefs. Notice the
difference as you begin to rule them out and replace them with more truthful and empowering beliefs!

Your beliefs are yours to change. You have the power to choose!

Finally set boundaries, you do not have to stay all day, you do not have to answer uncomfortable
questions and you do not have to put up with any abuse!

Contact me to find out more today! Happy Holidays, love Kathleen!