The New Year conjures up ideas of drastic changes in behaviors, becoming the “New Me.” This often
leads to overwhelming aspirations that end in failure. We are left feeling defeated. We feel set up from
the start.

I have found myself in this familiar pattern many times. My list of resolutions has included: lose ten
pounds, exercise daily, read more, spend more time with family and friends, make more money and on
and on.

What about focusing on smaller shifts? Shifts in thoughts and feelings that lead to new behaviors and

Making a commitment to focus on the lessons each experience brings. (hint: positive experiences usually
do not teach us much).

Committing to improving our relationships with loved ones, being more compassionate, listening more
and talking less.

Improving our physical health: drinking more water, eating more healthy whole foods, moving your

Getting in touch with your feelings, especially the uncomfortable ones!

Moving out of our comfort zone. Growth occurs when we step out of the familiar territory, take risks,
and face our fears!

Growth happens in these small shifts and by the end of the year you will notice big results!
It becomes who you are, not just what you do!

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