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Change your thoughts, change your life!

My Approach

 I offer hypnosis services in Tempe and surrounding areas. I utilize treatments from hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral, solution focused and yoga therapy. This helps people transform thoughts, feelings and behaviors for effective change.

Transformational Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy

Kathleen McCauley MSW/ LCSW, Certified Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Practitioner,

Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC) and Certified Yoga Instructor
Your thoughts affect your emotions.
Your emotions affect your behavior.
Your behavior affects your circumstances…

About Me

I work with adults to utilize a holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit to achieve desired results……


51 W. Elliot Rd. Suite 112
Tempe, AZ 85286

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Hypnosis, yoga and energy work are not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. They are complementary treatments which may be used in conjunction with but are not a substitution for medical treatment.